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A nasty yet entertaining trick played by men on women (or other men depending on how you are).
Committed in the closing moments of a blowjob, It is the act of grabbing the recievers head and jamming it down on your dick as you cum, thus making them choke/gag, re-routing your cum out through their nose running out of both nostrils. Number 11.
If you need an example, try it.
by Serial T July 2, 2005
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A useful word, it can be used to point out a bum on the street bathing in his/her own mess or any terribly ugly person you have unfortunately come across.
Think of the ugliness of a bog and mix it with the dirtiness of a rat. And you have something very disgusting.
"Bloody hell, look at the face on that one!"
"Whoa! What a bograt!"
by Serial T July 2, 2005
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The act of loosing ones boot up someone elses ass! This comes as a result of them pissing you off severly.
"F%$K OFF mate or i'll give you a boot enima!"
"Bugga, aint getting that one back".
by Serial T July 2, 2005
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