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Pregnancy resulting from a sexual encounter during which
the method of contraception used would have been approved of
by the Catholic church.
"Child number four must have been a case of Immaculate Conception. I swear I pulled out of her every time!"
by Sean the Snorf Dude August 19, 2006
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Produce sexual orgasm by manual stimulation of genitals in a
deliberatly detached and non-overtly sexual manner.

"I was horney as hell but the wife was having none-of-it so
I decided to surreptitiously chasterbate after I thought she
was asleep."

"It is my opinion that chasterbation and T.V. watching are
closely related activities."

"The inventor of Chasterbatory toys would make a fortune
selling them for use at sperm banks and other places where
the clinical production of fresh sperm samples is required."
by Sean the Snorf Dude August 19, 2006
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verb: Snorfed, Snorfing, Snorfs

To shoplift a small item by hiding it up the nose.
"Dude, I bet you I can snorf those marbles."

"She snorfed until her nose bled."

"I got caught snorfing paper clips again."

"If he snorfs that he will never get it out."
by Sean the Snorf Dude August 19, 2006
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Group sex with your parents and your parents parents.

If one or more of the participating parents is dead and
requires exhumation before participating then 17th base
becomes: 103453rd base,103454th base,103455th base,103456th base,103457th base,103458th base,103459th base,103460th base,103461st base,103462nd base,103463rd base,103464th base,103465th base,103466th base,103457th base depending on the combination exhumed and then group
fucked with.

Me: "While I was at grandma's place she suggested we spice things up a bit and move from boring old 3rd base to full on 17th base."
Friend: "Dude, isn't that pretty far out even for you?"
Me: "Yeah but at least they are all alive, you know."
by Sean the Snorf Dude August 19, 2006
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