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A great CYMBAL company. Also makes drumsticks. Started in 1623, which makes them about oh... 361 years old at the time of writing.
When a cymbal company is over a hundred years older than the country it's currently being popularized in, you know it's gotta be doing something right.
by Evil Bella October 23, 2004
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A cymbal company started in Turkey by Avedis Zildjian in 1623 that now offers some of the world's finest cymbals for any kind of music. Zildjian drumset cymbals gained much popularity in the 70's with such innovations as the A series new beat hi-hat cymbals, the first hi-hats with a heavier top than bottom. Zildjian today offers six series of cast bronze cymbals and two series of sheet bronze cymbals for beginners. ZIldjian cymbals are popular with jazz drummers, especially the K and K Custom series cymbals named after Kerope Zilcan, whose last name is sometimes spelt Zildjian
Zildjian cymbals started in Istanbul, Turkey.
by Ethan Kuefner November 11, 2004
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Cymbal company started in 1623 in Turkey. Their trademark logo is known worldwide. Known also for high quality, innovative cymbals. Cymbal series made by Zildjian include K Custom, K Zildjian, A Custom, A Zildjian, Z Series(discontinued in 1994), Z Custom, FX, ZXT, and ZBT.
I play Zildjian A and A Custom cymbals.
by Adrian Drums September 22, 2005
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Some of the best cymbals in the world. Started in the 1600s by a Armenian in Turkey.
Zildjian are the best!
by wackomenace May 08, 2006
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the oldest company in the world. not just the oldest cymbal company, but the oldest company period. est. 1623
what is the oldest established company in the history of the world?

by scuba steve November 14, 2004
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