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Fat flaps that hang down like saddle bags from the chest of males. Scorp Tits develop over years, and are usually the by-product of morbid inactivity.

An unusual medical condition resulting from this condition is called "Singular Swollascorptitacus," in which one Scorp Tit is noticeably larger than the other. Males with this condition often report uncontrollable masturbation in their sleep, particularly while on vacation with family or friends. Even if awoken from this trance-like state, the person afflicted will continue to masturbate, while his one free hand gently caresses one of his Scorps. There is no known cure for this disease, although many have tried the method of igniting a lighter to the penis head of the afflicted male while in his trance. This has producted mixed results, however most being messy.

The lifecycle of a Scorp Tit is as follows: baby spuds, budding manbreasts, hairy double stuffs, and finally--lard twins.
"We were all having a good time at the lake until ole fatass Tungette's Scorp Tits kicked in again. Damn I thought Jeff was gonna try and find a blowtorch to burn his flesh sword off with."
by Scotty Smith January 06, 2009
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Old, crusty, or worn out.

"Look at that old bag o' bones over there. She's really festered out."

Broken down; out of commission, on the fritz.

"What happened to your car Sally? Oh, it's festered out again. I think my hubcaps are bad."

What happens to a large pimple with a big white head that grows in the middle of your back that you can't get to.

"Dan what the hell's that on your back? It's all festered out."
"Tish used to be a good lay in the sack, but now that everybody's had a jab at it, she's all festered out."
by Scotty Smith October 30, 2007
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Leader of the pack of any given group of Gaybo Watsons. The Fagasaurus Rex is usally the flamer, and prefers to wear thick makeup and lots of bright red lipstick. His clothing usually consists of high heels and his ex-wife's wedding dress. He tends to be super gay, and lets anyone and everyone know it.
"Oh my god, look at that Fagasaurus Rex! Hey--wait a minute. Holy shit, that's Chip the wrestler from high school. Didn't you guys used to ride to school together? Are you sure you're not a Gaybo Watson?"
by Scotty Smith October 29, 2007
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Someone that appears totally normal until they open their mouth, unleashing the spooky tooth. It's usually yellow, festered out and gangly; and usually sticks out in odd places along the gumline.
"I was all ready to give Amanda the sausage last night, until she smiled. Then a big, scary spooky tooth popped out and sent me running for the hills. I thought it was gonna reach out and strangle me."
by Scotty Smith October 30, 2007
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The last morsel of food on your plate that you're just too damned stuffed to eat.
"I'm so full, I can't even eat that last sciblet."

"How you gonna leave that sciblet on your plate when there are children starving in Sri Lanka? Get it eat you lil bastard!!"

by Scotty Smith October 29, 2007
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Slang word for homosexual. Much easier on those with extra sensitive ears than the former popular slang "faggot." It's the "new millenium" faggot with a pink ribbon wrapped around it.
"Don't look now Johnny, but there's a Gaybo Watson right behind you. And boy he is ever staring at your man cupcakes!"

"Are you sure your nephew's not a Gaybo Watson Stan? He says he's not, but I think he's definitely on the waiting list."
by Scotty Smith October 29, 2007
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Something of a nasty, gross or disgusting origin.
"It smells cuckalucka in here. I think somebody farted and left the room."

"You eat liver and onions? Cuckalucka!"

by Scotty Smith October 29, 2007
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