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A suburban gated community.
Bob and Jenny got married, had two kids, became Republicans, began attending Cavalry Baptist, and moved out of their city flat and into a Gold River McMansion, a new biodome out on Highway 50. They now drive SUVs through two hours of heavy traffic to get to their jobs. When asked why he had become such a cheesedick, Bob replied, "It was for the children."
by Scott Mansfield December 31, 2007
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Used to anthropromorphize the popular search engine.
1. Hey, how should I know who Morphine's singer was...ask Mr Google.
2. Lemme ask Mr. Google where the nearest pizza place is.
by Scott Mansfield December 17, 2008
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The final point of irritation before drastic action is taken.
I'm on my last gay nerve here, one more crack like that and I'm setting fire to your hair!
by Scott Mansfield October 24, 2007
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An axiomatic theorum which states: There is a frequent correlation between a woman's mental instability and her sexual passion.
"Remember that chick he left the bar with last night? He said she was all over him in her car before they even left the parking lot; then her bouncer-ex-boyfriend started smacking on the hood with a timber chain and..."

"Another proof for the McAllister Corollary!"
by Scott Mansfield November 20, 2006
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To arrive for a trip at the last possible minute. At airports, this often results in TSA personnel pulling the person out of line and putting them in front.
"Look at that beezee, comes in at the last second and goes to the front of the line. I'm gonna come late next time."
by Scott Mansfield October 24, 2012
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Vice President I'ld like to fuck
Sarah Louise Heath Palin is running for VP with the Republican Party; whatta VPILF
by Scott Mansfield September 08, 2008
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