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A nickname given to the south side of Sacramento because of all the crime and gang activity in this area. Sacramento is one of the most dangerous city’s in America with a crime rate of 40 per 1,000 residents.
I’m from South Sac Iraq nigga on mamaz
by Schools in Sac December 14, 2020
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West La Loma is a small hood in Rancho Cordova. This hood is territory of the east side pirus and known for all kinds of gang activity and crime.
Ima real West La Loma nigga fuck da other hoodz
by Schools in Sac December 14, 2020
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Mills Middle School is a middle school in Rancho Cordova/East Sacramento, academically this school is decent but all the kids are from White Rock, All kids here do is smoke weed, sell dope, rob people, jump people, gang bang, tag places up, get in fights, and other stuff kids should not be doing, They have a security guard that works here every day and they have 1-3 cop cars on campus every day also.
Mills Middle school is full of gang members and thugs.
by Schools in Sac November 17, 2020
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WRG” stands for White Rock Gangsta which is a group/movement throughout white Rock Neighborhood in Rancho Cordova. This group is represents East Sacramento and is known to be affiliated with the Rancho Cordova/East Sacramento street gang known as “East Side Piru”
Wrg for life I’m 10500% real nigga n ima die about dis White Rock shit.
by Schools in Sac January 19, 2021
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