WRG” stands for White Rock Gangsta which is a group/movement throughout white Rock Neighborhood in Rancho Cordova. This group is represents East Sacramento and is known to be affiliated with the Rancho Cordova/East Sacramento street gang known as “East Side Piru”
Wrg for life I’m 10500% real nigga n ima die about dis White Rock shit.
by Schools in Sac January 19, 2021
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*That was awesome*

I know dude, wrg
by WeRealGood August 8, 2016
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When a Cheating woman sexting her lover on the side punches the wrong phone # and sends it to another .
Guy-Hey I don't recognize this # with a text message.

Wife-Leme see that.

Message reads-Hey my bf is out of town again want to come over and play ?

Wife-Oh iam calling this bitch!

Guy-Hey I swear Thats a Wrg Sext #
by troubledemon March 1, 2010
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