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Taco Bell - Noun - Slang term for dog food.
Dog 1: Mmmm taco bell. ***SHLOP SHLOP SHLOP SHLOP***
by Saratosia January 17, 2022
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US bureaucrat murdered by the Clintons. The story goes as follows. Brown was travelling over Croatia and his plane 'crashed' *shot down* Brown survived the initial impact but a cleanup crew got there by helicopter and executed him with a .45 caliber pistol as shown in the autopsy.
Are you going to expose what the boss is doing? No! I don't want to get Ron Browned!
by Saratosia November 10, 2021
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The Wise Wolf (noun):
Literally Holo from Spice and Wolf.
The best anime ever.
If you want a taste of this anime watch: “Spice and Wolf Opening In HD” on YouTube
The Wise Wolf and Lawrence are a happy couple.
by Saratosia February 1, 2021
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GWB is an acronym for George W. Bush. It
is a term that incites fear into the minds of Iraqi children and their “WMD’s”.
(See: bullshit artist)
(See: war criminal)
(See: embezzlement)
Guy 1: “Hey man, I did a GWB on that Congolese village. I destroyed their culture, homes, and lives and still got all of their natural resources. (see: oil, cobalt)

Guy 2: Wow, what are you? Are you GWB?

Guy 1: No, I’m just Jewish!
by Saratosia January 23, 2021
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