3 definitions by Sandy Riverside

The act of having the doggy poop bag, gloved, in hand, situated right underneath the dog's hindquarters as the dog poos; capturing every last piece of canine defaction.
Looks like Smokey's about to poop - I got it - CATCHER'S MITT!
by Sandy Riverside September 18, 2011
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The female equivalent of blue balls, happens when a girl is just about to come but her lover comes first and pulls out before she can properly orgasm.
Really Jesse? Again? This the fourth time you gave me the blue bean this month!
by Sandy Riverside March 20, 2010
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(verb) To ask someone a question on iChat, AIM, Skype or any other internet messaging service, and then completely disappearing once the person answers, never once acknowledging you received the answer nor responding to it.
I don't like talking to Mudkipz311 on Skype he asks a question then frables me everytime.
by Sandy Riverside July 1, 2009
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