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Fusion of punk rock and circus music. Usually performed in costume at traditional venues, it has recently experienced an underground transition. Heavy distortion and lack of lyrics characterize this genre's unique and ecclectic sound. While is does lack lyrics, much of the energy and emotion is translated through occasional grunts, growls and giggles. Comedic overtones and enthralling guitar licks have been the substance responsible for the explosion circus punk music.
"Black Maiden is the best circus punk band!"
"That guy may be a punk, but he ain't got the circus."
"Let's go to the circus punk club Saturday night."
"Do all circus punk lead guitarists play flying V guitars?"
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Noun- this seems to be a self explanatory situation, but let me clarify. A booger that it is in part or in whole, bloody. Sometimes caused by excessive nose picking. Often times a hung over beligerant drunk will find that he was punched in the nose and wakes up with a bloody booger.
Socially unacceptable, except in frat' houses.
"Check it out man, I got a bloody booger! I think I'll wipe it on the sofa."
"Oh no! Oh my gosh! Bertha just snagged a bloody booger!"
"Hey, my drunk uncle got in a fight last and woke up with bloody boogers."
"I put a bloody booger on my sister-in-law's shirt"
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NOUN-A term used to describe a country bumpkin who runs barefoot, even in cow pastures. They have no concern about stepping in whatever farm dung may be lying there. Often these people are missing teeth and are married to their cousins.
"Hey, look at fecal feet over there. I bet his family tree doesn't have any branches"
"Holy cow, man! Why did you bring fecal feet?? We aren't going cow tipping!!"
"I don't care if she has fecal feet, she is a well fed country girl. I bet she can cook a mean possum"
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NOUN- Someone who acts like a butt to the point that it makes you gag. Like Mariah Carey or Paris Hilton. butt}
"Look at this butt gag. He has had a few too many."
"She is such a butt gag. Just because her daddy has money she thinks she is the bomb."
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