4 definitions by SacTu

1. An automaton in the form of a human being.
2. Google's new open source operating system (OS) for smart phones. Currently the only phone with this OS is the HTC G1 provided by T-Mobile.
1. That guy must be an android to do math like that!
2. I hear the G1's android OS is what's going to make the G1 the iPhone killer!
by SacTu November 29, 2008
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1. Noun; A present tense word uncommonly used to describe the act of binge drinking. More commonly used as "Hammered"

2. Noun; A word shouted to call upon Mjolnir, Thor's hammer.

Used during times of distress and discomfort.

Subsequently, if shouted by a person who is righteous, a hammer will fly towards your open hand allowing you to lay the smack down and smite everything around you.
1. Frat fag: "Hey man, you going to get the keg? We're getting hammered tonight."

2. Thor: "This is so good," (coffee) *smashes cup on the ground* "ANOTHER!"

Waiter: Umm, sorry sir...

Thor: *Raises an open arm* "Hammer!!!"
by SacTu May 20, 2011
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adj. The characteristic word defining a moment of greatness that Jeremy Lin, an NBA player, who was undrafted out of Harvard and nearly cut three times until he was given significant playing time due to desperation for the New York Knicks. Ever since then, he has been starting every game and has been a solid player. This phenomenon is described as "Linsanity"

Hardships that he had to overcome that regard him as an underdog:
-Asian-American of Taiwanese/Chinese descent
-Harvard graduate
-Perseverance despite being undrafted and cut multiple times
-High pressure to perform well as many regard him as the face of Asian American athletics
Imaginary person: "Holy crap, did you just see that 3 point dagger against the Toronto Raptors?"
Metta World Peace (Ron Artest): *Bursts out of the Lakers game room, screaming* "LINSANITY! LINSANITY!!!!!"
by SacTu February 23, 2012
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A condition where something is perfect or as if it was originally manufactured.

A state where something has no flaws.
Selling a mint condition iPhone! Has no flaws, abrasions or scratches!
by SacTu March 09, 2009
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