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Fangot (V) (to fang, fanged, fanging, will fang, fangs)

1. To manhandle
2. Lollygagging
3. To drool on oneself. Ex. "Stop fanging around" "I fanged him up".

(N) (pl.
1. A particularly dense person
2. An inexperienced person
3. Nitwit
4. One with a short attention span
5. Pointless addition to sentences. Ex. "Boy, he's a fangot."

short- 'fang'. Fangroast (N)
1. An object, person, place, or event that causes extreme
disgust. Ex. "You are a fangroast".

Fangotry (N) 1. Any state of events in which
fanging, fangots, or fangroasts are involved. Ex. "That was fangotry at it's best!
Shut up you flaming fangot.
by Saber December 15, 2002
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