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A phrase often heard in electrical engineering digital electronics classes. Since most engineering professors are foreign, they cannot pronounce Flip Flop properly.
Prof: For Q on the frip frop
Student 1: Did he just say fuck you on the frip frop?
by SYNTOX March 17, 2010
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These whores are the worst kind of all, they simply just do not put out (virgins) but they still jump from guy to guy and make them deal with their bullshit!
Guy 1: Guy your ex is such an emotional whore
Guy 2: Yea I know man, she wouldn't even let me touch her
by SYNTOX December 22, 2009
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A big ugly girl who bares a resemblance to Dreamwork's Shrek.
Guy 1: Did you get question 2 on the assignment?
Guy 2: Yea, Shrek Chick helped me
Guy 3: BAHAHA she does look like Shrek!
by SYNTOX March 17, 2010
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A common nickname for skanky girls, simply just attach skank to the end of their name. Often abreviations for their name is used so to not make their new skanky name any longer than their name was before they became a skank.
<name>Skank Ex: Look at Tayskank, she danced with that guy for 5 minutes before going home with him.
by SYNTOX April 07, 2010
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