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A Germanic traditional celebration of a man's ten year wedding anniversary. His closest friends organize and outing or trip to salute his commitment to his wife and the institution of marriage. The opposite of a stag party, a Zehn Gehen is generally low key and cultural. Common in Germany, Austria as well as parts of Switzerland and Holland.

Similar to the American "Hamilton"
"Helmut has been hitched for zehn jahren. Lets plan on Bavaria for his Zehn Gehen!"
by STwomey February 17, 2012

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A guys trip to celebrate a ten year marriage anniversary. Generally a weekend out of town where close friends recognize a husbands marriage, partnership and commitment. Not to be confused with a bachelor party, the Hamilton is a celebration of the institution of marriage, and usually a tamer affair.
Tony and Sarah are coming up on their 10 year. Where are we taking Tony for his Hamilton?
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by STwomey February 17, 2012

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