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A German anti-communist ruler who rose to the position of Fuhrer in the early 30s and exploited the luxury of appeasement to defy the Treaty of Versailles and amass an army beyond that of the combined allies. He was an absolute enemy of Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals and did all in his power to exterminate them - thousands were sent to concentration camps and gassed. In 1939 Hitler attacked Poland and war was declared. Though he was in total control of Germany, his main mistake was attacking the frigid front of Russia and the well armored shores of the USA simultaneously, which inevitably led to his downfall. In 1945, when he saw his country falling, he commited suicide just outside Berlin.
One of the most terrible tyrants, and possibly madmen, in history, has to be Adolf Hitler.
by SIDIOUS June 04, 2005
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Lineage II is an online RPG/adventure game with a suprisingly high addiction level. Thousands of players manage to hook their daily routines to the toil of Lineage. It is a relatively simple game, in comparison to World of Warcraft. One chooses one of the six races, one of the two professions and one either a male or female. From then on, you explore your local area and hunt wild creatures, collecting various monotonous items. Learning spells of variety is also possible. However, Lineage II follows a set pattern and so character customization is not possible is very weak and narrow. There are few potions, as opposed to the legendary Diablo.

That is the game description, but I have also created an acronym very suitable to the preface of Lineage II:
Lineage can also be used as a verb, used to insult those of us who spend hours a day playing the game (nerds).
I bought Lineage II on eBay for $29.99

Stop Lineageing around!
by SIDIOUS March 05, 2005
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the 23rd Bond movie. The first trailers show, that the movie could be one of the better Bond's but on the other hand the new bond girls and the fact, that 007 as well as M are failing somehow makes it a bit worrying, since that's something that must not happen in a Bond movie.
by sidious September 08, 2012
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