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Another name for Canadian Whisky. Called thus because it is made mostly from rye grain. Famous brands include Canadian Club, Crown Royal, Black Velvet, Gibson's Finest, Royal Reserve, VO and others. Rye has a mellow flavor and is smoother than other kinds of whisky. It must be aged a minimum of 3 years by Canadian law. 8, 10, 12, 15 and 21-year old ryes are also available. Rye is not generally popular in the USA except in a few places where locals took a liking to it back in the days of prohibition when large amounts of Canadian whisky was smuggled into the USA. Canadians consume large quantities of rye.
"...and good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye"

A: What's wrong with your voice buddy?
B: I drink a bottle of rye every day.
by rye guy October 28, 2005
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An ordering slang over heard at Starbucks recently. A request for 3 shots of espresso in your drink.
I'll have a venti non-fat JFK latte.
by Rye Guy September 11, 2007
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