12 definition by Ryan M.

The term "JDM Tyte" has found most use on Automotive Message boards (mostly ToyotaCelicas.com). It's definition is composed of a double standard:

1. It's usually defined as a Japanese car that has been modified with tacky, ugly, and stupid parts that the owner feels is extremely cool. See Ricer.

2. However it can also be defined as a Japanese car that has been upgraded rather well with expensive, rare, and effective car parts.
1. d00d! Those clear tailights are JDM tyte, yo!

2. Holy crap, that ST185 is JDM tytely tuned!
by Ryan M. November 14, 2004

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1. To destroy the enemy through explosive means or ends in disembowling/dismembering.

2. To kill the enemy via a hand grenade.
1. I totally fragged all those n00bs while playing UnrealTournament!

2. I totally fragged that Nazi sumbitch.
by Ryan M. November 30, 2004

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1. a situation or noun in which conditions are favorable.
2. something attractive
3. see didi
by Ryan M. June 12, 2003

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to confuse and encrypt something/someone
1. d00d! I totally jinxelated didi with my insta-torque theory!

2. Eric felt quite jinxelated after finding out his mother was actually hids father.

3. I totally jinxelated the video in an attempt to prevent piracy.
by Ryan M. October 26, 2004

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v. The state of destruction of a home, apartment, dorm room, or residential hallway by one person in a drunken rage, usually through the tipping over of refrigerators, destruction of walls with frozen hot dogs, and / or massive furniture humping.
Josh: Hey, why is your bookshelf in the pond?
Colin: I got Hrivnaked... :(
by Ryan M. May 19, 2004

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