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For God's Sakes, why can't ANYONE say anything POSITIVE about the Queen City? Lighten up! Cincinnati is not that bad you know. Sure maybe it does have its gangs and inner-city problems, and so-called "Right-Wing Activists", but so what? Regardless of what anybody says on this site, there are things to do in Cincinnati, the Reds are a popular team, chili is NOT the only food available in the city, and many major companies are based in this great town. So if you think that all the crime and gangs completely ruins Cincinnati, then obviously you haven't been paying attention to other major metropolitan cities: Detroit, MI; Gary, IN; Newark, NJ; Compton, CA; all prime examples. I love Cincinnati, so lay off the poor town.
Cincinnati has long been the Ruler of the Ohio River Valley. It is a place to call home.
by Ryan Jones May 06, 2004
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American On-Line; a dumbass, piece of crap, excess-authority internet service that occupies all TV commercials and, seemingly, the entire internet itself. As many other people accurately say, AOL is extremely slow, is easily open to spyware and computer viruses, and may cause your computer to crash. AOL loves to wield its big, black "fist of fury" known as TOS, or Terms of Service, around in order to intimidate and threaten millions of the users; many of those users haven't done anything that could remotely be considered mildly offensive or illegal.
For all the bad service, unreliable connections, and poor reputations in dealing with online crime, junk email, spyware, and speed levels, AOL has the nerve to charge excessive monthly charges. They usually amount to well over $20 when the services provided mixed with the bullshit, pop-ups, and unnecessary authority are worth no more than three bucks. You AOL assholes. AOL: Assholes OnLine.
TOS is retarded. AOL only does this in the empty promise to keep child molesters and hackers off the Net. Also, those who threaten people in chat rooms when they will never meet the people that they are saying that they will beat the shit out of. But of course, AOL is too dumb to realize that most of these people jacking this bullshit in the chat rooms are most likely doing it just for fun, and even if they were in hatred against one another, the chances of those two actually coming in contact with one another are very rare. SO WHAT'S THE BIG DAMN DEAL, BITCH?
by Ryan Jones October 25, 2004
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Derogatory term for a Chinese person, along the lines of Chink
Let's go to Chinatown and make fun of the Chinkles
by Ryan Jones March 30, 2004
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CRWTH-its some kind of insterement
dsadfsacfrhrtythfrbhsrd sfger rrgergergrg
by Ryan Jones January 19, 2005
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Lying morons who make false accusations against the president about how he is only benefiting the wealthy and oppressing the poor. Meanwhile, this particular liberal is really fat and able to survive, and is getting rich on millions of dollars shelled in from Farenheit/911. Also see hypocrite and lonely
Michael Moore is a fat, liberal sack of crap!
by Ryan Jones October 31, 2004
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The unlucky number 13; this refers to the 13 stars that run along the blue "X" in the flag, which are all those southern states. Two of them do not apply, but are unnecessarily included: Maryland and Kentucky. They're not Southern states.
I had to to tear two stars off that redneck's rebel flag, because they were false representations.
by Ryan Jones October 25, 2004
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The great president who has scored yet another victory: the successful voting process in Iraq as well as very much fewer attack incidents than expected. That's a decisive victory to rack up even more points along with his previous accomplishments:
1.) Helping to stop further attacks on September 11, 2001.
2.) Giving much financial aid to those families affected by the events of 9/11.
3.) Reverting the economic disaster left by the recession of the Clinton Administration.
4.) Shattering the Taliban and their military infrastructure, leaving them virtually unable to launch effective attacks and incapacitating their status as a cohesive military force.
5.) Establishing new freedom and ending the oppression of Afghanistani people by Bin Laden's Taliban army.
6.) Sending food and financial aid to the starving Afghanistani people.
7.) Revitalizing and seriously increasing funding for our military.
8.) Successfully preventing any and all terrorist attacks on our soil by sending our troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. (Not one incident since 9/11)
9.) Overthrowing Saddam's regime and crushing the Republican Guard within a month or so after American forces entered Iraq.
10.) Capturing of Saddam Hussein in December 2003 by our troops.
11.) Strengthening ties with Canada.
12.) Putting a temporary governor in control of Iraq's government.
13.) Easily gaining support and troops from Great Britain for the War on Terrorism.
14.) Keeping taxes low for the American people.
15.) Winning a second presidential term.
I predict that Al-Zarqawi being captured will be yet another victory soon to come to George W. Bush. The Social Security reform plan should be completely in place by the end of his term, too.
by Ryan Jones January 30, 2005
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