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pee mail- the urine message dogs leave on objects to communicate with one another
When I walk Fido, he stops at every fire hydrant to read and answer his pee mail.
by Rust John Tommy Rude March 03, 2007
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Food that is tastes bland and is not worth eating
My girl tried to impress me with her cooking, but everything she served tasted like guampf. If she had seved shit, at least it would have a flavor.
by Rust John Tommy Rude October 05, 2011
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A woman who is extremely obese.
At the beach I saw a lot of fat girls, and a lot of obese women. One of the women was a real twatso. She must have weighed 350 pounds.
by Rust John Tommy Rude October 05, 2011
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To lie defiantly by staking your reputation on what you are saying and swearing to it on the lives of your family.

To lie like Ryan Braun
Tommy: "What did you tell Sue last night when you got home at 3:45 a.m.?"

Rudy: "I told her the car broke down, but she didn't believe me so I brauned until she was convinced. It was so easy, I am going to braun every time she doubts what I'm saying."
by Rust John Tommy Rude August 23, 2013
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STFU= Shut The Fuck Up

When you want someone to keep quiet but can't say it aloud because you are out in public or your parents or your boss is there.
My girlfriend was annoying everybody with her constant meaningless chatter. Finally, I turned to her and said, "Jean, STFU."

I was walking down the street when the dogs behind the fence started to bark. I yelled, "STFU, STFU."
by Rust John Tommy Rude April 24, 2007
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