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The most elite fighting team dedicated to the extermination of extra terestrials. More powerfull than the fantastic four, batman, superman, and spiderman all combined! It's members are shrouded in mystery and have orders to kill anyone who discovers their identity...
Person: Hey I heard you're in Anti-Alien

??????: *BANG*
by Rush April 8, 2005
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1) A small woodland animal that hangs from trees while looking for food.

2) Another name for tissue
John: Hey Greg did you bring your tithus??
by Rush September 21, 2005
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pure exhileration
Aquagen - Take the Chance
by Rush August 18, 2003
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A liberal engaging in dispicable hypocrisy, makes false allegations and accusations. Hates all other ideologies other than their own. Is unfair and biased on all issues. Has no since of fair play, no rules apply to them except the ones they make up for others.
The subliberals always determine the verdict before the trial, it is their way.
by Rush November 16, 2003
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Probably the most popular unix command. The response linux newbies get from experienced users when asking for anything.
new_linux_user: How can I install an .rpm?
arrogant_guru: rm -rf /
*the newbie types the command*
*the newbie leaves crying*
by Rush July 16, 2005
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BumCum is after your partner has ejaculated in your ass, and then Cum starts dripping outa his ass hole.
eewww, omg my bf fucked my ass last night and then started drinkin my bumcum.
by Rush April 12, 2005
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A person who specializes in complete and utter stupidity, usually due to a result of mass alcohol consumption.
That's one dumb ass bizwacky....yo!
by Rush January 10, 2005
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