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The most elite fighting team dedicated to the extermination of extra terestrials. More powerfull than the fantastic four, batman, superman, and spiderman all combined! It's members are shrouded in mystery and have orders to kill anyone who discovers their identity...
Person: Hey I heard you're in Anti-Alien

??????: *BANG*
by RuSh April 08, 2005
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The first, last, and only line of defense against that which threatens the safety of this world. Aliens. If there is ever an attack on Earth you can bet this elite fighting team will be there. But you won't see them, you won't hear them, and you'll have no clue that they were there. But you can bet your ass the threat will be annihilated.
Dude A: Holy crap turn around dude it's friggin aliens!
Dude B: Where? I don't see any aliens you dumbass.
Dude A: Whoa! They were just here a second ago.....weird.
by z7michael7z April 08, 2005
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