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Poseur is the correct version of the more common "poser". The term is used for 2 reasons-

A) As an insult, used by one who is insecure and attempts to enhance their image by making people believe they have the authority to call someone else a poseur,


B) One who groups him or her self in a particular social clique in order to appear trendy or "edgy" but doesn't believe in the principals held by said clique and is only leeching onto it in order to avoid the social ridicule of not being part of a clique. A poseur will probably change their "style" once every 6 months, possibly more.

The common thread is insecurity- the insecurity to be yourself and be happy with it. Poseurs are the kinds of people who only appear "cool" to people who are just as insecure as they are. But no one ever found success lying to themselves for acceptance.
"Those mall punks are such poseurs, they have anarchy signs written all over their All-Stars, but nota single one of the retarded 8 year olds knows what it is, or that the sweatshopped armbands they all bought at Hot Topic support the system they claim to be rebelling against. Now lets go home and listen to some Yellowcard and cry so we can be hardcore," says the pussy emo kid with the rich parents and cute girlfriend, who has nothing to complain about, before I punch him.
by Rudeboy May 20, 2004

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someone who takes all of their opinions from other people. They always try to do the "cool" thing. they need to learn to think for themselves

John is a poser because, he can't think for himself
by RudeBoy March 16, 2004

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Pertaining to ska music or culture, especially in the two-tone/second wave era.
"Those checkers are totally rude."
"The rude boys and rude girls skanked all night long to the English Beat."
by Rudeboy June 21, 2004

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Alternative to rude girl
"That girl is rude, she's a rudette."
by Rudeboy June 21, 2004

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When one is susceptible to male rape in prison. An easy target to become a "prison bitch".
That whiteboy's bare powis-vasey. He be tossin' salad within a week, bredren.
by rudeboy November 18, 2003

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nah - a different word for no. usually followed by mate.
have you done your homework? Nah mate trust i aint done it!
by rudeboy March 16, 2005

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Also the etmylogical root of the name "musicboy". Describes the actions of one who spends his mornings listening to Dvorak and his nights by the men's urinal in Clapham Common. Typified by an inability to make decent jokes and a small reproductive organ.
An observer: "Musicboy - you're a cockpiece."

Musicboy: "Yes I know! Have you heard my latest symphony, I made it in the shower!"

An observer:"Liar, for a start, you couldn't fit in the shower"
by rudeboy August 01, 2004

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