9 definitions by Rolly 337

Another way of describing a small mouthful
You can't be drunk olready dude - you've only had a smouthful
by Rolly 337 May 1, 2022
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Is that a swimmer or a seal bruv - fck knows
Is that a swimmer or a seal bruv - who knows bruv maybe it's a swimmel
by Rolly 337 October 9, 2021
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I couldnt decide the slize for my new desighn of the glass table top
by Rolly 337 October 5, 2019
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Never stay in one Place for to long - never let things get you down - keep pushing things forward always -
I feel anxious - bruv never settle -
by Rolly 337 June 10, 2019
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Like the Plandemic but darker
Suvival of the richest - its not legit bruv its a scamdemic
by Rolly 337 April 4, 2020
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