In the stock market, it means buying an asset after it drops in price.
Buy the dip, man!
by nlolhere September 3, 2020
When your favorite stock keeps tanking and you keep buying until you run outta money, hoping it rebounds and make you crazy rich.
Trader: bro AMC keeps tanking on me, I'm losing all my money.
Friend: bro buy the dip and hold!
by Itsbeenfun February 27, 2021
To purchase a stock or commodity during a price decline. Became popular during the post-housing bubble quantitative easing trend, where stocks were guaranteed to rise until a new dawn of American capitalism magically occurred or, alternatively, the money supply exploded resulting in uncontrollable inflation.
Investor 1: Dude, did you see that silver prices went down? What's with that?
Investor 2: Buy the dip. The Bernank will make sure that all prices are rising.
Investor 1: What?
Investor 2: Buy the fucking dip, you fucking idiot.
by Cocomaan February 28, 2011
When the perfect stock keeps dumping only because Citadel found out you were HODLing.
The best strategy is to buy the dip.
Me: Why is NVAX down today after WHO and EU approval?
Me2: Shut up and buy the dip.
by rocketmoon December 20, 2021