22 definition by Rocky

A fine a** motherf*****. He is the best rapper in G-Unit and the best in the industry. No one can touch him
That nigga wanna be Lloyd Banks.
by rocky October 15, 2003

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lover monky
c'mon my fizzle
by rocky September 25, 2003

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bad, unpleasant, boring, a term to express an overall disappointment
That party we went to last night was poisonous.
by Rocky February 10, 2004

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Someone on a diet rich in fajitables.
ummm, no...i wont be having that cos I'm a fajitarian
by rocky October 29, 2003

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To achieve coolness to a certain status bringing envy towards everyone.
Right after he got promoted, he became a Rockster and now everyone hates him.
by Rocky June 02, 2003

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poisonous, very unplesasant, physically draining, unenjoyable
This weekend was crippling.
by Rocky February 10, 2004

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that grand tartan place, unique in its ability to describe Yorkshire as 'down south'.
Scottieland...home of the Bubba lips
by Rocky November 27, 2003

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