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A neighborhood in Brooklyn's northside that was once considered the worst neighborhood in America.
He lives in Bushwick and takes the JMZ train home.
by rocky August 07, 2003
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Area in Brooklyn that, according to New York Magazine, has the highest number of registered sex offenders in NYC, the most rape per capita of any neighborhood in NYC, and is high on the list for other violent crime.

"Bushwick" stops at Graham Ave. on the East, no matter what your landlord/real estate agent tells you.
Bushwick may have a couple of hipsters, but it's still pretty fucking hood.

Why don't those hipsters just shut up about how great they've made the neighborhood?
by n-five May 18, 2010
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If you guys had half a brain you would know that according to police statistics your girl is twice as likely to get raped in Manhattan. In fact, you are twice as likely to get mugged in the big shiny city as well. Now, the reason why I will not take any of you guys seriously is because Iโ€™ve lived in Bushwick for 3 years. My neighbors are the best - mostly artists, driven out from Williamsburg by these sweet-hearted people you like so much. Beside, if you look closely at statistics youโ€™ll see that bushwick is not mostly black but mostly Hispanic and a growing population of Polish and Asian have set up shop here. My conclusion is that you are a bunsh of morons, the same type you will find reading cosmos while sipping on a $4 coffee and yes, the same type of halfwits who have been driving up real estate prices in shiny places to a sad reality.
halfwits who have been driving the real estate to its sad reality.

by bushwick January 05, 2006
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An area in Brooklyn, full of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, and some Blacks.

The guys are very good looking. Theirs lots of places to shop.Nail Salons are much cheaper then the ones in queens, AND they do a better job.
Me: *walking down Broadway with friends* "BlahBlahBlahBlah"
*Sexy guy passes by*
Me:Damn, i love bushwick, its full of the sexiest people.
by KrustyKrabPizza April 25, 2009
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A ghetto neighborhood in north Brooklyn, and was once considered the worst town in America. Bushwick is known for the Crips, and is dirty, dangerous, dirty, and unpleasant to live in. The neighborhood is also mostly a Black Community, though the western side has a lot of Hispanics and Russians.
I was rollin' thorugh Bushwick the other day, and noticed that it's mad hood.
by GAME50 November 08, 2005
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Bushwick is word thats describes the "hard knock life". Its a struggle and a bitch, but u have to build your own sidewalk so u can get some respect. If not, then you just another piece of gum on the floor. So if you wanna be man, step in our area, and see u be the gum getting stepped on, or the baller who steps on it.
Be an ARMY of 1, or step to Bushwick, and make your own.
by Javy Melendez February 01, 2004
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An extremely dangerous neighborhood in Brooklyn,that has a bad record of gangs,drugs,pimps and hookers.Bushwick is basicly,the ghetto and has a big population of African-Americans.
Yo,stay away from da bushwick town man,gangstas are there.
by RWOOD4LYFE6 August 28, 2005
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