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Take Seinfeld, place it in Philly, and make the main characters 10 times more selfish, cruel, and narcisisstic and you have It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a dark humor show that revolves around the worst people that humanity has to offer.
by Robjef622 May 14, 2017
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Short for Human Immunodefeciency Virus. An STD that is contracted through sexual intercourse (especially anal and sex without a condom), exchanging of bodily fluids, or, in the case of the especially unfortunate, by birth. HIV can progress into the disease known as AIDS where the immune system is gradually weakened until the point where an ordinary cold can kill you, though this usually takes years. Symptoms of HIV include nausea and high fever, cramps and joint pain, diarrhoea, and rapid weight loss. It is widely accepted that HIV originated somewhere in Sub-saharan Africa though the exact means that it was created remain mostly unknown. In the US, young gay and bisexual black men are more likely to catch the disease than any other demographic.
Sean was horrified to learn that he had gotten HIV from having unprotected sex with Jessica.
by Robjef622 May 09, 2017
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Anyone who indulges in a number of malicious or ill-intentioned schemes or deceit in order to slander or cause harm to someone else. This includes, but is not limited to: sharing deep personal secrets about others, manipulating others to do your bidding and then discarding of them when they are no longer of use, lying compulsively to take advanatge of someone's emotions, ridicule or blackmailing to the point where the victim goes into seclusion, and just generally being a hate-filled being with a desire to screw over anyone for the sake of it. These people tend to have some sort of mental defect such as sociopathy or narcissism, though this is definitely not the rule.
Markus convinced Anne to dump her financially inclined boyfriend knowing full well that she has no means to support herself and no other friends to fall back on. Markus is a horrible person.
by Robjef622 April 11, 2017
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Something horrifying is unimaginably frightening and disturbing. It can vary from anything including an unpleasant car crash or seeing someone break down into a savage rage. Horrifying things are likely to give you nightmares or potentially scar you for life. This word has a far stronger meaning than simply being scary or creepy.
The woman woke up to the horrifying sight of a rapist dangling the severed head of her baby with a sinister smile on his face.
by Robjef622 April 16, 2017
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Depraved is anyone who is very mentally wrong in the head, especially in regards to anything that is lewd or sexual in nature. These people have extremely disturbing and pervasive thoughts of doing anything sexual that would be considered taboo or offensive.
If you call someone depraved, you mean they are not only doing something perverted and crude, but shocking and offensive as well.
by Robjef622 May 06, 2018
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An extremely technical and euphemastic way of saying getting shot with a gun.
The man walking down the street alone at night in Chicago suddenly had a terrible case of Rapid Acute Onset Lead Poisoning and died right then and there.
by Robjef622 May 08, 2017
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A portmanteu of the words 'shitty' and 'attitude'. It can be summarized as an individual who is overly cynical, uncouth, irritable and flat out rude. Usually people with shattitudes are extremely unhappy and wretched and seek to bring others down into their endless abyss of misery and self-loathing with them.
Jessica is hopelessly insecure and makes up for this by berating others as much as possible. She has a terrible shattitude.
by Robjef622 January 07, 2017
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