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Decorative muscle is when a person (almost always a male) looks large and very strong physically, but in actuality is far weaker than they appear. This usually stems from one of the following ordeals:

1.) Using repetition in weight lifting which causes one's muscle mass to increase, while only gaining minimal boosts in strength.

2.) Skin complexion (muscle highlights much better on people with darker skin tones).

3.) A higher amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers which are great for short, explosive bursts of power rather than endurance and longevity.

4.) Focusing more on gaining mass rather than actually becoming stronger.
John was huge and very imposing at 6'2" and 225 lbs, but you should have seen the shock on his face when 5'9", 170 lb Daniel not only beat him at arm wrestling, but benched and squatted more than him aswell. It turns out than John had a bad case of decorative muscle.
by Robjef622 May 06, 2017
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Depraved is anyone who is very mentally wrong in the head, especially in regards to anything that is lewd or sexual in nature. These people have extremely disturbing and pervasive thoughts of doing anything sexual that would be considered taboo or offensive.
If you call someone depraved, you mean they are not only doing something perverted and crude, but shocking and offensive as well.
by Robjef622 May 06, 2018
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