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A city in Hillsborough County, Florida just east of Tampa. Has alot of strawberry fields and enough Mexicans to pick them with, home of the strawberry festical. Too many plazas and a whole lot of nothing in that town. There is a section called Walden Lake in which there is an abundance of wiggers and white hardasses, have no fear, the fake cliques of blacks reside on the east and westside, as well as alot of Surenos and Nortenos.. Theres alot of skateboarders there too and metalheads at the Sansone Park who like to fight and smoke pot. Plant City does have a high theft rate. But otherwise it should be considered a sin to take people here seriously.
Ted: "Heard bout' Plant City, Hank?!?"
Hank: "Yeah, I jus payed a beaner 5 dollars to do all my yard work."
by Robbin Lynch November 21, 2006
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Downtown Tampa, Florida. The hot spot for hoochies, criminals, and stoners. The weapon of choice for assault seems to be the pocket knife, as usually when assault occurs (which is almost daily) somebody ends up with a blade in their ass. Its really only known for bars and clubs, you're not gonna find anything else there.
13 Year Old: "Lets go to Ybor City dad!"
Dad: "Maybe when you're older.. like next weekend."
by Robbin Lynch November 21, 2006
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