12 definition by Robb

When you miss a jump or whipe out on something
Hey look at that kid, looks like he tanked that tabletop
by Robb May 24, 2003

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short for Dutch Master cigar.
Dutch, Dutchie
yo grab two dutchez at the store
by RoBB March 28, 2003

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when a girl has her period
"O man, my women just spooged on me"
by Robb May 21, 2003

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a bragging term for any given attribution of any kind, or in other words they suck, you got the stuff.
my ride has a 500 horsepower hemi and in any given day we race you'll definitely lose, chop chop!
by robb September 08, 2004

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a stoner or a retard
Goll that guy is such a derp!
by Robb May 21, 2003

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