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A black term, commonly expressed with...just about anything. Has no true meaning. Probably derived from ancient Zulu clicking language.

<click> -> clihk -> culihk -> culhk -> cuht
Dude! Kuht! Did you see that shit!
by Rob Lowe May 13, 2003
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A strange and fatal curse that set itself upon the SVHS play groupe during the performance of TKaM. Attibuted to the oft persecuted and strangeley "depants"ed Carl Vater, a disciple of god, who bestowed his wrath upon the production.
The curse of Vaterism led to a tornado, power outages, the dissapearence of two cast members, a shitty sunday performance, and the injury of another cast member
by Rob Lowe November 18, 2003
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Skips half days to get his jimmy whacked by his mom.
see Robish
Rob, that robish whore is a bastano
by Rob Lowe April 07, 2003
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A disease that causes someone to stay on the phone for ungodly periods of time. may cause AIDS.
Dude, that bastard got Danthrax. He was on the phone all week
by Rob Lowe April 13, 2003
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A disease recieved by excessive use of the phone for ungodly hours. may cause herpes in the hand.
Dan has danthrax
by Rob Lowe April 18, 2003
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