16 definitions by Rilighan

That company that retarded a generation with a monopoly.

And when someone diorear's on someone's face.
It was a 69, then because of food poisoning she did a Meta on me.
by Rilighan March 18, 2022
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A lawn doctor is a smoothy made from fresh raw grass clippings, iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, black pepper and orange juice.

Honey goes well.. so does Gin, it tastes OK an gives most people wind.
I've just gone to the shop and the park an gona make myself a lawn doctor.
by Rilighan May 14, 2020
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To be brainwashed as a child by mass media which lead to cognitive disorders as an adult.

Referring to the popular cartoon in the early nineties where a bunch of adolecence investigated mysterys.. where they were confronted with lots of evidence of various supernatural events, however, the geeky intelligent one would always loose her glasses, failing to see this evidence and at the end it always turned out to be some evil person in a mask trying to fool people.. no matter the evidence to the contrary.

Clearly designed to reduce critical thinking as well as spiritual beliefs in children, many people still suffer as adults today.
Dude it just levitated in front of you and you still don't believe? Man you've been scooby-dooed, I pitty your kids.
by Rilighan March 30, 2020
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Lucifarians, all an any of them.
Oh look, John joined a silly cult of the piss blooded, what a fool, bet he stinks from the inside out haha.
by Rilighan February 9, 2022
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A huge planetary huge undertaking to build a collosally sized radiation deflection shield in space capable of deflecting an extra suns rays should one pop out behind a cloud of cosmic dust as our solar system flys ever forward along it's mysterious course.
Glad we knew we might need a bloody planetary parasol as well as a new everything else..

True civilisations of their number could deal with the need for a planetary parasol with ease.
by Rilighan April 4, 2020
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When mental states an beliefs cause physiological changes to occure.

The scientifically observed effect that when a patient is made convinced that he or she will exhibit symptoms so begins to exhibit them despite no original underlining physical cause.
Billy is convinced he'll loose all his hair like his father, he doesn't realise that's not his dad!
Then his hair is probably falling out due to a psychosomatic effect.
by Rilighan April 3, 2020
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The science of using mentally manipulative or coercive tactics to induce a change in the physical symptoms an behaviours of viral disease, psychosomticaly.

It is widely believed umong pathologists that biological viruses are far more like computer viruses than originally thought an thus their victims far more susceptible to the psychosomatic effects associated to them.. possibly inducing character change that spreads further than the hosts originally psycosomatically indoctrinated.
It appears we have undergone the most extensive tests in psychosomatic viralmorphia ever attempted before and should have lots of new data.
by Rilighan April 3, 2020
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