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by Richard West April 30, 2007
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What people try to create or find. A human condition in which they cannot exist in a meaningless state, even if they do live in a meaningless state, they need to pretend they exist in a world of meaning.

This is how religion started.
God gives meaning and purpose to my life.

I need to find out what this all means to me.

X Happened today. This must be because of Y.
by Richard West April 30, 2007
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A term used derogatorily towards Emo people.
Cry more Emo Kid, what you going to do, cut yourself with your lolrazor?
by Richard West April 30, 2007
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Various people many thousands of years ago invented a cult called Christianity that allowed them to gain political and personal power by taking advantage of the masses gullibility. This cult has gained more political power, and taken advantage of more people than any other cult ever created, and thus is the most successful. People also now call it a religion, because that's how you legitimize large cults.
by Richard West August 21, 2009
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People who still want the mental crutch of Religion, but want to be as vague as possible about it so its harder to argue with their bullshit. These people generally lack the ability to form coherent logical arguments, struggle to think carefully and deeply about subjects and don't like the rules and restrictions imposed by Religion. Their position is so vague as to become difficult to argue against, allowing them to not only benefit from the mental crutch that usually is attached to religion, but hold a smug air of superiority that will piss off any reasonable critical thinker no end.
Bill: "What do you believe in?"

Jill: "I'm spiritual."

Bill: "So what does that even mean? Do you believe in spirits? Religion? God? Faries? Science? How does spirituality even have an application in your life?"

Jill: "No, I don't believe in religions, look how harmful they are to the world, I am spiritual."

Bill: "So basically, you hiding behind a wall of vague bullshit and feeling comforted by your mental crutch?"

Jill: "Once you in touch with your spiritual side, you'll understand."

Bill: "Once you stop being vague and full of bullshit, we can actually have an intelligent discussion".
by Richard West August 21, 2009
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