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Starting shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls. An excellent shooter with some very nice finishing abilities. A scoring machine when he's on, and pretty clutch too. Prone to careless turnovers and silly fouls. Sometimes, because of his lack of height, has problems defending and rebounding.
"Keep Ben Gordon in mind..."

"Ben Gordon's got that feeling..."
-Johnny "Red" Kerr

by Rfederer8 May 12, 2007

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Starting SF for the Chicago Bulls. Excellent midrange jumpshooter and a good slasher/finisher. Not particularly athletic, but tall for an SF (6' 9''). Decent defender. If he develops a postgame, will become Chicago's #1 option.
"Luol Deng, the Man from Sudan."
-NBA TV anchors

"Luol Deng, rhymes wit' bang."
-NBA TV anchors

"Luol Deng looks like the donkey off Shrek 2."
by Rfederer8 May 12, 2007

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Starting center for the Chicago Bulls. An incredible defender in the paint. Grabs tons of boards, and blocks shots, too. Does a lot of things that don't show up in the box score, like tip rebounds and intimidate the opposition. Kinda short for a center, but extremely strong to make up for it. On offense, he can't shoot or post-up, but he can set solid screens and pass suprisingly well. Will take a lot of flak (unfairly, IMO), if the Bulls get swept by the Pistons.
"I had to bail you out with those free-throws."
-Ben Wallace, to Ben Gordon, after hitting 7 out of 8

"Don't playa-hate."
-Ali G, to Ben Wallace
by Rfederer8 May 12, 2007

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Starting PG for the Chicago Bulls. Is good at everything, bad at nothing. An excellent shooter who can also finish around the basket. Has decent handles, court vision, and passing ability. Tenacious defender. Wears his heart on his sleeve, and sometimes gets T'd up as a result.
"The second coming of Christ himself according to Bulls fans."

"Has the "So ugly he's sexy" thing going."
-Shamsports.com on Kirk Hinrich

"Tattoo ........... check.
Sick crossover ... check.
Attitude ......... check.

Kirk's journey to the dark side is almost complete."
-Step, on Kirk Hinrich
by Rfederer8 May 12, 2007

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Backup point guard for the Chicago Bulls. Good passer, unselfish to a fault. Takes care of the basketball, makes good decisions. Good defender for his size (6' 1''). Not exactly an explosive scorer. Very, very streaky jumper.
"We just wanted to do something for the fans. I don't cook, so I wanted one myself. We certainly didn't mean any disrespect."
-Chris Duhon, on the Bulls trying to score 100 points in order to win free Big Macs for the fans

"Darn it, Chris Duhon, shoot when you're open!!!"
-Most Bulls fans to the TV set
by Rfederer8 May 12, 2007

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Starting PF for the Chicago Bulls. Kinda past his prime. Lost most of the spring in his legs, so he's not exactly an explosive post-player (will often get rejected by an opposing player, or by the bottom of the rim). His jumper from the elbow is money, though. Smart defender and a nice guy, not counting the time he threw Charlie Ward.
"He doesn't. He just gives them the Thousand Yard Stare. Then PJ Brown pulls up a rocking chair and plays a harmonica, singing classic country tunes. They all sit around him struck with awe and respect. Then there's 4 or 5 minutes of gentle crying from everybody except Scott, who continues to just crucify Gordon with the stare, while tenderly suckling Chris Duhon. And Nocioni takes on two polar bears one handed just to keep his spirits up.

Oh and Sweetney eats butter."
-Shamsports.com, on whether Bulls coach Scott Skiles talks to the team at halftime
by Rfederer8 May 12, 2007

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