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The single biggest, saddest sack of shit alive in all of the Americas today. He is the fat loony fucker that shot and killed John Lennon, one of the greatest songwriters to date. He did so because supposedly Jesus and "The Catcher in the Rye" told him to.
Jay: You know who's the biggest douche bag ever?
Mike: Mark David Chapman?
Jay: Absolutely!
by ReverendSaintReverend July 07, 2009

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Being in the state of excitement or elation one experiences upon receiving a text message; Essentially, being excited to have received a text.
We all saw Johnny become textually excited when Liz texted him.
by ReverendSaintReverend May 18, 2010

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To smoke so much crystal meth that one becomes "woke". The brand of woke achieved by twoke individuals is marked by an unreasonable obsession with shoddily-constructed conspiracy theories and the constant use of the word "sheeple". Twoke is a portmanteau of the words "tweak" and "woke".
Person A: Did you see Dave's Facebook rant where he said reptilians invented COVID and he called me a sheeple?
Person B: Yeah, man. That guy's been holed up in his room getting twoke for like two weeks now.
by ReverendSaintReverend April 02, 2020

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