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The Junior Cadets of the patriarchy. Obnoxious, predominately white boys. Fraternities. Golf. Sailing. Polo Shirts. Dockers.
Dude-Boys of power to be. Sons of Senators, Governors, Business Executives, MegaChurch Preachers. Read about them in the book, "The Family."

Dicks presumptive.
It's amazing who can get into the Scrotocracy. Look at George Bush Jr.-boozing, coke snorting, AWOL, business disasters. If his Daddy hadn't been such an Uber-Patriarch he'd be broken down trailer trash for sure. The fact that Barbara Bush is the only female member of the patriarchy didn't hurt. Dan Quail was a flame out-he never made the transition from Scrotocracy to patriarchy with the biggest hand-up.
by RevDrDK November 12, 2009
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