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When you find out that a girl/guy you are dating is into something really cool and unexpected so you must make them your gf/bf.
Guy 1: "So this girl I scored wants to go see Iron Man 2 and go shooting!"

Guy 2: "Dude!! Lock it down!!"
by RedandGreen May 02, 2010

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A mythical creature that is sometimes mistaken for a miniture unicorn when it is in fact an entirely separate creature. Possibly the bastard offspring of a goat and a unicorn, but this is yet to be determined.
Girl "Hey did you see that tiny unicorn?"
Guy "Fool! That's not a tiny unicorn, it's a unigoat!"
by RedandGreen May 17, 2010

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To increase the focus or attention you are giving something.
"I'm gonna seriously focusify myself on study today once I drink all that coffee"
by RedandGreen May 17, 2010

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Female, sister version of the broski.
Thanks, siski
by redandgreen August 09, 2015

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The aquatic version of a treehugger. A environmentalist who is committed to saving the oceans.
That guy giving the presentation on sharks is a complete seahugger. He's going to save all the sharks from being caught.
by RedandGreen July 30, 2010

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A person on Twitter who is a hippy. That is, all of their posts are related to organic food, hemp clothing, the environment, being green and other topics which are normally associated with hippies.
Have you seen that guy's Twitter feed? All he tweets about is his hemp clothing and how he's going to save the world by not showering. Such a twippy.
by RedandGreen July 30, 2010

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