8 definitions by Red Devil Slim

Created as a parody of the well-worn insult of "fag" used by uncreative middle school and high school children. The original use of "homofag" was usually done in the spirit of derision of said children who haunt various forums and chatrooms on the web.
dewd ur such a homofag!!1
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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1) A multi-legged insect similar to a milipede.

2) An addictive arcade game from the 1980's.

3) Creatures that inhabit vaginas, making them uninviting according to the joke from the neglected Old Man Murray web page.
Women have centipedes in their vaginas!
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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A delicious meat snack in the shape of a long and skinny stick rumored to have been made from the cheeks and foreheads of cattle. That may or may not be true. Currently it can be bought in different flavors such as nacho and tobasco, or even with a stick of waxy, horrible-tasting cheese. Can be purchased at just about any convenience store, super market, or gas station in the United States. It has been known to cause excitement in professional wrestlers.
Slim Jims go well with a cold soft drink.
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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Possibly the strangest sub-culture in all of geekdom. Furries range from being harmless fans fascinated by anthropomorphic characters and animals, to immensely withdrawn or self-abosrbed persons who actually believe, or want to believe, they're eagle-winged fox-like versions of themselves with giant gentalia who wouldn't dare be anything else that could be considered mundane. Furries defy any coventional or unifying definition.
Jody's favorite book is Redwall. She must be a furry.
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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1) A person who legally and lawfully exercises their right to make their oppostion to war and military action known. Ideally, their protests are a result of their moral or philosophical objections.

2) A person, usually college-aged, woefully uninfomred about the nature of certain conflicts in the world. Often makes rash statements based on surface and incorrect assumptions. This is usually a result of reactionary behavior.
Jody is a peace activist. She reads too much Noam Chomsky.
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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A plant from the hemp family with narcotic properities. Side-effects of smoking marijuana included, but not limited to:

- increased appetite
- lethargy
- euphoria

Users of marijuana also become annoyingly knowledgable about it with long-term use and usually can't talk about anything else. Legalization advocates are usually friendly and bengin, but can be obnoxious.
Marijuana is formal name being Cannabis Sativa; a plant containg tetrahydracannibonol, more commonly known as THC, the active ingredient which provides an existential like state of cosmic interaction known as being high. Several different varieties exist, inclduing Sativa and Indica. The physical qualities include tiny red/brown hairs and a white crystalline powder coating. Marijuana is usually grown, dried and then rolled and smoked or used in a pipe or bong. It can also be eaten; it is usually cooked and added to brownie or cookie mixtures. It is sold according to its dried weight in either ounces or grams. The price will vary depending on the quality, amount and/or your dealer. Marijuana is illegal in most western countries, but has currently been decriminalized in Britain. Amsterdam is one country in which the controlled and moderated use of marijuana is not illegal. It can also be cultivated in a solid resinous form known as Hashish or Hash.
Other names include grass, herb, ganja, buddha, mary jane, pottery, herbal refreshment.
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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A pretty bitchin' card game played by children.
Jimmy, a king does not beat an ace! I'm telling mom!
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
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