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Garandoo is used in a greeting between Excel and Pedro from Excel Saga. The original meaning is unclear but the word appeared in a Japanese singer's album title. The singer was well known for wearing skimpy clothes and people wondered if the hair on his stomach wasn't from...down there. The definition of the word is now considered to be thick body hair and how this has to do with Excel and Pedro using it as a greeting is unknown.
My friend's wife has garandoo, I sort of feel sorry for him.
by Rave July 18, 2005

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Kyuinn is not a word in any language. It's roughly translated as onomatopoeia for the sound of a tight hug. This is not in the general Japanese language; it was pretty much made up just for the anime, Steel Angel Kurumi. Cute isn't it?
~hugs you tightly~ Kyuinn!!
by Rave December 14, 2005

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To Flip Off.
She blew the deuce to your ass!!
by rave April 13, 2003

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Multiple use word,
Can be used to describe something cool or happy, Such as "that's linging"

"Im happy, ling"

"Thats linging man"
by Rave July 21, 2003

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A person that dresses in flourescent yellow and goes raving a lot.
by Rave July 21, 2003

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