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One of the greatest to ever pick up a mic. He would have been as big as Biggie and Tupac but he was killed before the world got a taste of him. Big L was killed in Harlem NYC, near his home, in a drive-by shooting. The shooters mistaked Big L for his brother who was a notorious Harlem drug dealer.

R.I.P. - Big L
"I got the looks that make your hotty stare, I keep a shotty near, it's that nigga with knotty hair who Gotti fear."
"Even my holidays got damaged, caus on Christmas I asked Santa for a father and a hot sandwich. - Now every day I creep with the heat, aint nothin sweet, I rob for meat, if I dont steal I dont eat. - Where Im from it was a livin hell, then I started to realize Im better off in a prison cell. Now I can sleep, now I can eat, cant hit skinz, but I wasnt hittin skinz when I was in the street. - Before you know it I was robbin them same ducks, I was even robbin homeless folks for they change cups. - I just can't take it, and every day I ask myself, how will I make it?"
by Rappers Delight February 01, 2005

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To pose in your coolest stance.
"Hey have you seen Mike?"

"Yea, he's over there talking to some girls in his G Pose."
by Rappers delight May 22, 2013

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A product of imitation. A replica.
Yo Chris got the Jordan 24's before anyone else!

Nah son, they didn't even come out yet. He got pirates. fake cheap bootleg
by Rappers delight October 19, 2015

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