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The few, the proud.
People who aren't paid to think but to do.
The worst recruiting hours known to man.
In old sailing days, the guys who used to jump across ships and takeover another vessel.
Trained extremely better than the Army... (Look at the casualties of Iraq).
Victims of reindeer games on ships via the hard working sailor, (the sad thing is, they fall for it everytime).

Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential
My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment

That marine just ran through a minefield!!! He wasn't paid to think.
by Randomus August 12, 2006

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(n) Any person who penetrates another person's anus for sexual gratification. Often referred to in homosexuality, however has been known to be referred by straight couples in masochistic sexual positions.

(adj) anal-spelunking the act of having anal sex with another person.
Tom was referred to as an anal-spelunker by his co-workers because he had a boyfriend.

John asked his wife if he could do some anal-spelunking tonight.

Antonio and Sergio claim to be anal-spelunkers
by Randomus August 12, 2006

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Any person who is so stupid that they don't have the ability to breathe out of their nose.

A person who cannot cut over a 35 on their ASVAB.

Somebody who's lower lip is so big that it can be caught on a trip wire due to the over breathing through the only orifice they know how to breathe out of.
Mike isn't quite a Glass Licker, however we'll give him the status of Mouth Breather because he got a 25 on his ASVAB.

Josh is a Mouth Breather. His girlfriend, who's been sleeping around with half of the state, has him fooled into believing they will get married.

Josh says he gets 5,000 dollars a month hauling milk... what a mouth breather.
by Randomus August 25, 2006

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