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That little wooden area in a liquor case (usually in a grocery store like Safeway) between the transparent glass panels that it is nigh impossible to see or notice the bottles behind, causing the clerk to search the area around it like a madman while the bottle the customer wants is just out of immediate sight. Thankfully, most of the more commonly sought-after bottles are not there. Unless they want Bailey's Irish cream in half-gallons. That shit is always in that space.
Customer: Can I get a half-gallon of Bailey's?

Clerk: Of course, let me grab it.

(Clerk searches the case for about a minute)

Clerk (under breath): Gods dammit, its in the casevoid.
by RadienX Chaosmaker April 10, 2016
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Adverb, Slang

A piece of cliché and effectively useless advice, often given by a neurotypical or outright privileged individual that wouldn't be amiss on a cat poster or a picture of a sunset or mountain.
Person 1: "Gods, I've really not had any energy as of late, I've been quite existentially tired."

Person 2 (Fool): "Oh, just think positively and try some breathing exercises to energize yourself!"

Person 1: "I would expect no less than a neurotypical high-five from a cursed creature as yourself, you who would be privilege incarnate"

Person 2 (Completely missing the point in expected fashion): "You know, that kind of pessimism is not good for your energy level!"

Person 1: If it were not for the laws of this land, I would put your head on a pike and warn the crows not even to feast upon it, for your husk sustaining such noble creatures would insult them gravely.
by RadienX Chaosmaker November 11, 2020
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Adjective. When the difficulty of a given task or set thereof is not due to actual mechanical challenge and testing of skillsets, but instead is "Difficulty by numbers", in which the difficulty comes as a result of simply continuing to stack more and more odds against the tasked. Examples of Lemon Difficulty include video game bosses with massive amounts of health and can kill you in one hit, but otherwise aren't mechanically challenging, and 'runaround' type tasks that involve a lot of tedious backtracking.
"Hell, the Big Bank heist in Payday 2 on stealth really isn't anything more than just Lemon Difficult"
by RadienX Chaosmaker January 22, 2021
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Guy 1: "Mind doing me a favor?"

Guy 2: "I REFLOOF!"

(Guy 1 turns around, only to see Guy 2 is now very fluffy.)
by RadienX Chaosmaker March 09, 2016
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A type of character who unlike their cousin the Edgelord, actually is a darker character done right. i.e., their entire personality isn't described solely by the word 'edgy'. A Runelord probably wouldn't be caught dead with a katana in their hands, but definitely has at least one sword in their possession, and it's definitely a battle-ready one that they know ho to use, and not some welded-tang piece of dull stainless steel.

Not to be confused with an overly edgy character done ironically.
Unlike the Edgelord, the Runelord does not garb himself exclusively in devil wings and black leather. He is more typically seen with practical earthtone greys, greens and browns.
by RadienX Chaosmaker January 16, 2022
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A state of catatonia induced by looking at a landscape so featureless and without landmark, one can literally see the curvature of the Earth because of how dull these plains are. Most commonly occurs in southern Idaho, US, especially on road trips.
G: It's so flat and without anything! It's lifeless! Nothing exists! I don't exist! There is no such thing as reality, consequence, or the state of mortal existence!

T: Oh fuck, G's got Prairie Madness
by RadienX Chaosmaker October 03, 2019
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Adjective - A stickler for the pronunciation of words, akin to a Grammar Nazi or Spelling Spetsnaz, but instead for pronunciation instead of either grammar or spelling.

The FSK in the term refers to the Norwegian Forsvarets Spesialkommando, often regarded as one of the most well-trained special forces units on Earth.
Person 1: Raskaan metallin Rambona juoksen, ily Sumatran synkan yön! (Pronounced rask-aen metallin instead of ras-kahn metallin)

Person 2: Hang on, that's ras-kahn and not rask-aen,

Person 1: Why do you care so much?!

Person 2: Imagine having a language that isn't so comically broken, there are national televised competitions on spelling its words!! This post was made by the not-english gang!

Person 1: You must be part of the Pronunciation FSK, then!

Person 2: Duel me if you must, but I will die with my honor intact if you beat me!
by RadienX Chaosmaker June 19, 2021
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