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Xanth is a fantasy world created by author Piers Anthony for a series of novels. It is a world of magic and puns where Piers sometimes questions the meanings of reality, politics, and all other matters that confuse us. The word "Xanth" itself is also a pun, some call Piers Anthony Pier "Xanth" Ony. Funny right? -_-
Normal Human 1: Hey, wanna have some sex.

Character From Xanth: Acctually in Xanth, we call sexual intercourse "Summoning the Stork" where a stork acctually brings the baby to the mother instead of her giving birth.

Normal Human 1: So...want to "summon the stork?"

Character from Xanth: Sorry, the straight-jacket is in the way.
by Michael Who? February 27, 2009
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Xanth is really smart and has a very kind heart. All he wants is for everyone to be happy, even if making them happy means sacrificing his own happiness. If you have the pleasure of meeting him thank God because he's amazing. And congratulations, because just knowing him will make you want to be a better person.
Girl #1- "Should we talk to that new girl? She seems kinda weird..."
Girl #2- "Definately. She knows Xanth. She's probably cool."
by JustSomeWeirdiesthead April 21, 2013
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The abridged pronunciation of "exclaimation point."

A word indicating excitement or alarm.

Background: This word was necessitated by attempts to read scripted dialog in which surprise was indicated using "!" or "!!!" out loud. First adopted by screenplay writers, its public usage began with the excessive usage of the exclamation point in RPG dialog. The facilitation of the pronunciation of the exclaimation point, as well as the onamotopoetic character lent by the word, allowed its use in everyday conversation.
Lich Lord: "No, AAMOF it is the runtling behind you who bears your ancestors' secrets."

Main Character: "Xanth!"


H. L. Mencken realizing how much he has written over the course of his lifetime: "Xanth!"
by Earthgrummash January 26, 2005
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