49 definition by Rach

A word people use to say "neat" or "cool" and on occasion "cute".
"Spiffy awesome!" :D

"Whoah? They bag your groceries for you? Spiffy!"
by Rach September 04, 2004

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Total Moo Cow Bitch Queen of all HO's
She was a total "Foofur"
by Rach December 07, 2003

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A girl who likes posting definitions in this site, she's very good at it, and seems definitely HOT.
Dagger_grrl never stops posting shit on this site.
by Rach December 29, 2004

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same as townie or chav.
mindless dipshit who wears 5 tons of gold round their necks and calls anyone who doesn't have ridiulous ballet shoes or trainers with 10 million miles of springs in the heels. Usually found at night on a street corner getting drunk on shandy and shouting abuse at anyone and everyone who walks by. Also finds it amusing to slag off anyone alternative. Can be identified by the huge air filled space between two ears
stupid phrases include:
nah dan, rapid
gangstaaa wot ya sayin
yes yes
by rach May 02, 2004

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Woman with a heart of gold
she's one hell of a foofur
by Rach December 22, 2003

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mad, dippy, stupid, silly, eccentric not right in the head or mental. Can be either positive or negative.
1. That girl is so dappy, I tell you. But ya gotta love her She's got a lot of nerve 2 go out wiv a black bloke round ere!(good)

2. That girl is so dappy. She will never see any sense, what a totally unsuitable guy to go out with. She will pay the price for her dappiness.
by rach February 26, 2003

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annoying but lovable
short hair looks awesome. a rachel -
Absolutely perfect in every way. daffodil - something about an ass
short hair on a rachel
by rach March 14, 2005

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