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A ROM hack of Super Mario Bros. 3 which was released in late 2004. It seems to serve as either a glorification of the low-brow style of ROM hacking or a satire of it, perhaps a little of both. It was created by a ROM hacker named Dr. Floppy.
I just played Super Nazi Penis Cartel Freedom Fighters 3. I now have absolutely no hope for humanity whatsoever.
by RXtasy January 2, 2005
How socialist fucktards/campus radicals/posers from MoveOn.org spell President Re-Elect Bush's surname.
OMG! OMG! OMG! Pre$ident-$elect Bu$h want$ to rapez tha enviremint $o he can enrich hi$ oil buddy$ at Halli Burton which i$ the only rea$on he made u$ go to Iraq ba$ed on lie$ about WMD'$ and that $addam wa$ re$pon$ible for 9-11 $o he could give ma$$ive tax cut$ to the riche$t .01% and throw gay$ into consintra$hun camp$ becuz he'$ $uch a fuc'n NAZI!!!!!!!1 OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! (and omg).
by RXtasy December 24, 2004
Person on Wikipedia who gets off on killing well-written articles of others. Subscribes to a ridiculously strict, yet abstract standard for what is and isn't "encyclopedic." Probably molests children in spare time.
There are many examples of Wikinazis: Lee Hunter, RickK, Ambi, just to name a few.
by RXtasy February 1, 2005
The popular chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, as referred to by a ghetto resident.
Tamiqua and LeShawn done went to Kenny's Fried Chicken to get their eat on.
by RXtasy January 2, 2005
Extremely talented quartet of young, black Christians, whose cache of wholesome, inspirational songs have influenced millions!
Some popular Onyx etudes: Bust Dat Ass, Da Bounca Nigga, Da Nex Niguz, and Bacdafucup.
by RXtasy January 22, 2005
The acronym for "Super Nazi Penis Cartel Freedom Fighters 3," a delightful ROM hack that will be released in November 2004.
Two beta versions of SNPCFF3 are already lurking around the web.
by RXtasy July 11, 2004
Orange-haired violinist frequently seen with Twista and Kanye West.
Miri Ben-Ari does a lot of scowling in the "Overnight Celebrity" video.
by RXtasy February 1, 2005