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5 definitions by RS THE PIG

You tell your partner to go and stand next to the freezer for a while, then return to the bed and act dead so that you can have intercourse. (A walk-in cooler or freezer works best!)
Tim told Autum to go cool off by the freezer so she could play dead and get the dirty mortician on!
by RS THE PIG February 2, 2019
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Cramming as many olives in your partners butthole (brimming full) and then have anal, use a dildo, or a strap on and peg your partner until the fruits of your labor (destroyed olives, the juice from the olives , and sex juices) starts rushing or gushing out.
Jason and his wife went on a European vacation and while on their Mediterranean cruise his wife exclaimes while holding a massive jar of olives in one hand and a strap on in the other “let’s make some olive oil!!!!”. Jason loves making Olive oil !
by RS THE PIG September 3, 2019
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When that vaccination grows that second Dick and you slam it in both holes at the same time! You’ve just got that double trouble!!!!
Reid and Jen were getting it on when all of a sudden that extra Dick from his vaccinations swole up and slammed both her holes and Reid exclaimed “DOUBLE TROUBLE”!!!!!!!!!
by RS THE PIG January 31, 2021
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A male pulls out, Ejaculates on the ass cheek of his choosing, and then eats the other persons ass.
Sex was feeling so good he pulled out and yelled I’ll have the salad with dressing on the side!
by RS THE PIG June 19, 2018
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When someone is so hungry for that Dick they dress as a hobo, finds a busy intersection, and holds a sign stating they will gobble that Dick for anything.
Look Tim is such a cock sucker he’s pulling a horny hungry hobo on the corner of 1st and main st!!!!
by RS THE PIG January 13, 2022
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