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Acronym for Young Urban Professional. Group whose culture blends the hippie/counterculture values of the 60s and the materialistic monetary-based values of the 80s. Usually congregate in Starbuck's, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and a wide variety of vintage clothing boutiques. Includes both moderate Liberals (Majority of yuppies), and moderate Conservatives (smaller group of yuppies), although both the far left and the far right enjoy dissing them.
far left dude: I hate these damn yuppies! They claim to be "artists" and "bohemians", yet their materialistic pursuits embody the very antithesis of the counterculture, and price real "artists" like me out of the neighborhoods they move to!

far right dude: I hate these damn yuppies. I can't stand they flaunt their metrosexuality with their designer labels, lattes, luxury cars, and globally conscious health food stores. It's european-wannabe wimps like them that corrupt America!
by RDUdude July 08, 2005

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A Town of about 20,000 that is directly west of Chapel Hill, and about 50 times better. It is by all accounts the most liberal and free-thinking town in all of North Carolina, populated by ex-hippies, raw food vegans, UNC intellectuals, etc.... Their mayor, Mike Nelson, is openly Gay, the only such mayor I know of in N.C. The Town is centered around a a town square of sorts at Weaver St. Market, that resembles a scaled-down version of the Boston Common.
liberal 1: Hey Man, Let's head down to Carrboro tongight, their supposed to be an out of this world JamFest on Weaver St.

liberal 2: Let's check it out!
by RDUdude April 22, 2005

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The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, initiator of the Universe, Science, Life, and Death. At several points in the past he has tried to reveal his message to humans through prophets (Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Isaiah), his most intelligent design on this planet, but later discovered that it wasn't worth his time, because Humans/Homo Sapiens are just incapable of accepting God in conjuction with science, religious variety in ways god's power is taught/worshiped (aka, not only through the Christian Bible), and human nature/sexuality. As a result many kill others or themselves in his name, even though he reveals to us that peace is rewarded in the end.
God is there, whether one accepts his existence or not. Many take the Christian Bible (especially Old Testament) too literally without thinking deeper about the times in which they were written, and the people who wrote them. His message to us is just as relevant today as it has ever been, and only the ignorant choose to see religion/god in Black and White, including both atheists/agnostics and religious extremists/fundamentalists.
by RDUdude July 31, 2005

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