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A Town of about 20,000 that is directly west of Chapel Hill, and about 50 times better. It is by all accounts the most liberal and free-thinking town in all of North Carolina, populated by ex-hippies, raw food vegans, UNC intellectuals, etc.... Their mayor, Mike Nelson, is openly Gay, the only such mayor I know of in N.C. The Town is centered around a a town square of sorts at Weaver St. Market, that resembles a scaled-down version of the Boston Common.
liberal 1: Hey Man, Let's head down to Carrboro tongight, their supposed to be an out of this world JamFest on Weaver St.

liberal 2: Let's check it out!
by RDUdude April 22, 2005
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A bottleneck, Carrboro is a bedroom community, where people who work at or study at UNC over in Chapel Hill lay down for the night. All day they work at UNC only to pay the "man" each month to rent a medium density apartment. The apartments are small, overpriced, and have few redeeming qualities. Some apartments here advertise workout centers however these “workout centers” are the size of a broom closet. Main Street Carrboro is really just a bottleneck between the dumpy medium density apartments and the Campus of UNC. The other parts of Carrboro consist of small mill houses (that have no architectural value) they are planked with asbestos shingles, have rotting foundations and are over priced. The redeeming qualities are the bars, the food trucks and the people are very friendly, and also a lot of great bands come here to play, but I think they all believe it’s still the 1990’s. However the women here all wear drab gray and are very uptight and frigid and seem sexually repressed. The young men have no money (few job opportunities) and are too idealistic to work anyway. Bumper stickers are popular here with liberal messages about clean air however these bumper stickers are usually found on a gas guzzling cars… go figure right.
John: Hey I would love to go with you down to the library on campus but we have to drive through the bottleneck.
Sally: Bottleneck? Do you mean Carrboro?
John:Yeah, so why don't we just stay here and read.
by lot51 January 24, 2012
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