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Chris Crocker is a proudly gay cross-dressing YouTube blogger, (made famous by his highly melodramatic “Leave Britney Alone” vid) who had the potential to become a good video blogger once he attained fame, but somewhat sabotaged that chance by posting more over-dramatized, acted out rants about seemingly trivial matters which overshadow his ACTUAL GOOD videos. IMO, these definitions already listed on UD either blindly over-beat or over-praise Chris Crocker, so here’s my 2 cents.

A lot of the hate for Chris Crocker is to blame on first impressions of his less serious videos where he practically acts stupid, parades an elitist attitude and says wads of overzealous bullshit often in a ‘ghetto’ voice (perhaps, for attention?) But believe it or not, many of Chris’s more serious videos give out very worthy messages, because instead of ranting he looks at the bigger picture and comments very reasonably, down to earth and intelligently on social issues which affect many different people, and not only what he’s experiencing. His over-acted vids are laughable, and that’s what they should be seen as- not taken seriously as Chris’s honest views.
I'll give Chris Crocker credit for being his own person, but at times he seriously has to grow up.
by R'Amen December 6, 2010
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While Dita may have altered her body and is a stripper and a porn star, she still manages to be classier than all those pop bitches on MTV while still showing the same amount of skin.

Dita von Teese is gorgeous.
by R'Amen December 5, 2010
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Evidence that modern subcultures are progressivley sinking deeper into the shitter.

Scene? No depth at all beyond excessive vanity, (Good fucking god. The world's being taken over by trashy, clashing barbiedoll clones.), and must have uber-cute girly obsessions. You immediately choose to like your little dino's? Glitter? Eyeliner? Hello Kitty? Invader Zim? Jack Skellington? Photography? Great job at making things cheap for people with genuine interest in it.

Even classic sub-cultures with depth like goth and punk going back 30 years ago have been reduced to shallow, childish fads that have no place out of teenage years.

You know a generation has failed when people in it thinks it sucks ass. I stand by my opinion.
Scene kids are dissapointing.
by R'Amen December 5, 2010
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Siouxsie and the Banshees had been the among the experimental pioneers of all Goth, but of course, you can't find that same innovative talent and attitude today.

Siouxsie Sioux, despite her trademark provocative look, is one of the classiest ladies in rock. And easily the SEXIEST voice in Punk.
by R'Amen April 5, 2011
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Nightmare (1993) is an EPIC stop-animation flick co-directed and written by Tim Burton, and based on a poem of his creation. Like any Burton movie, the visuals are absolutely STUNNING in their dark and dreamy ways, and Danny Elfman, who composed the music and gave our much loved Jack Skellington a voice to sing, just tied together this insane piece of perfection.

TNBC is not just a kid’s movie. It’s a masterpiece that doesn’t know age, because anyone will love its charming story, lovable characters, macabre humor, and kick-ass songs, which have been covered by bands including Marilyn Manson, Korn, Evanescence, Flyleaf, Rise Against, Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, and Panic! at the Disco and more. Check em out on Youtube!

If escaping off to the worlds of Halloween Town and Xmas Town doesn’t rock your own, you’re not human!

... Pretty damn shitty that people who make subcultures a bandwagon thing cheaped The Nightmare by making it their little icon. How 'individual' to parade Jack merchandise, eh?
I fucking love that movie. Seriously, I've made it a tradition to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas every year around Halloween time!

Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Beat him with a stick
Lock him up for 90 years
See what makes him tick

Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Chop him into bits
Mr. Oogie Boogie is sure to get his kicks

Kidnap the Sandy Claws
See what we will see
Lock him in a cage and then
Throw away the key!
by R'Amen December 5, 2010
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