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An Australian term used to describe a large amount of something.
'See Mike last night at the pub?' 'Yeah mate, he drank biggest mobs of piss!'
by R Yenarg August 02, 2005

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The point after a massive night of raping your head with narcotics where you're brain no longer connects with the rest of your body - symptoms are involuntary drooling, twitching, grinding what stubs are left of your teeth, chewing your face off, hallucinating and generally making a c**t of yourself. Usually followed by a stint in the twilight zone - a dirty, frightening place between sleep and awareness. Closely associated with fiended
'Man that guy is fucked' 'Nah man he's munted' 'should we call an ambo' 'What did you say man' 'Fuck knows, shit man we need more vicks!'
by R Yenarg July 26, 2005

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Term used to describe a woman's arse - usually dripping with fat and cellulite, that is massively disproportionate in size to the rest of her body - in reference to the large and robust differential seen hanging under the rear of some Ford motor vehicles.
'Man check the fucking nine - inch on that huge bitch!'
by R Yenarg August 01, 2005

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Term given to both a mentally disabled person and an individual you find to be stupid - both usually seen individually or in packs drooling all over themselves and making various grunting sounds and shuffling motions. Read also retard
'Whoa look at that disgusting retard dribbling all over the place!' 'Man that's just Kev - he's probably munted again - what a sped!'
by R Yenarg August 01, 2005

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An Australian term of endearment used between male friends. Also a term given to a female's hairy sausage pocket.
Hey cunny how are you, long time no see.

That little cunny is a dead set champion.
by R Yenarg July 25, 2005

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Derogatory term used not to define but to offend. Yelled at women dressed overly provocatively when they really shouldn't be - ie: when they're older than 25, younger than 16, heavier than 60 kilo's, when their arse is wider than the taxi they just got out of or when the temperature is below 10 degrees celcius.
'Hey dude check out those cheap lookin sluts waitin to get into that club!' 'Slow the car down a bit man and give it a rev.. *yells out of window* TWO BUCKS!' 'You'd want change out of that too man!'
by R Yenarg August 04, 2005

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Very similiar to munted - basically a progression from that state. Individuals that have progressively declined in appearance/stature into basically a shambolic freakshow lying in a puddle of their own drool. A poor excuse for a human being to be pitied/shunned.
'Anyway the other da - Holy Fuck! Get a load of that guy!' 'Fuck man I think he needs serious medical attention!' 'SCUNTED!'
by R Yenarg July 31, 2005

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